Lives Like Mine

Mother. To three small children, their heritage dual like hers.
Daughter. To a mother who immigrated to make a better life but has been rejected by her chosen country.
Wife. To a man who loves her but who will not defend her to his intolerant family.
Woman… Whose roles now define her and trap her in a life she no longer recognises…

Meet Monica, the flawed heroine at the heart of LIVES LIKE MINE.

With her three children in school, Monica finds herself wondering if this is all there is. Despite all the effort and the smiles, in the mirror she sees a woman hollowed out from putting everyone else first, tolerating her in-laws’ intolerance, and wondering if she has a right to complain when she’s living the life that she has created for herself.

Then along comes Joe, a catalyst for change in the guise of a flirtatious parent on the school run. Though the sudden spark of their affair is hedonistic and oh so cathartic, Joe soon offers a friendship that shows Monica how to resurrect and honour the parts of her identity that she has long suppressed.

He is able to do for Monica what Dan has never managed to, enabling her both to face up to a past of guilty secrets and family estrangements, and to redefine her future.

'Verde's take on race issues is both painfully realistic and thought-provoking. Full of grit, raw emotion and flawed characters you can sympathise with, you'll still feel its emotional punch days after finishing' — Heat

'A bitter sweet story of longing and self-discovery, of deceit and regret. Visceral, authentic and funny, Eva’s prose reads like something between a conversation and a confession. An exciting new voice and a joy to read’ Kit de Waal

TPB ISBN: 9781398502833 | Published: 7 July 2021 | Trade paperback | 376 pages

B format ISBN: 9781398502857 | Published: 2 March 2022 | Paperback | 384 pages

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Format: Trade paperback

Trade paperback
B format paperback
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Trade paperback, B format paperback


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