Our story

We created the shop because as Women of Colour, we recognised how difficult it was to find books written by people like us, or with characters that looked like us. So now we have Amplify: a space dedicated to making it easier for you to find BIPOC authors and books you can see yourself reflected in.

As PoC, so many of us grow up with internalised stigma and racism because we’re never given the language to express our feelings of confusion/belittlement/otherness, nor are we taught to understand ourselves as separate to the white norm. Representation is such an easy way to counter these issues. To see yourself reflected in the media you consume is a powerful thing, and we want to make it easier for everyone to meaningfully find themselves on the page.

We also hope that you turn to Amplify to diversify your bookshelf, because reading widely and diversely is just as important. It proves that not only do BIPOC books sell, but they hold value (something the industry has yet to realise).

We know that there are other diversities in life that don’t pertain to race, so we hope that in our far-reaching selection, you will also be able to find intersectionality.

Our aim is to help everyone read more widely through making diverse books accessible.