5 Must-Read Books by Palestian Authors

Educating yourself on what's happening right now in Palestine is a step to become better allies. Here are our 5 must-read books to get you started. 
Plus, we're donating all profits from the sale of these books to PARA.

1. The Hundred Years' War on Palestine

Beginning in the final days of the Ottoman Empire, Khalidi reveals nascent Palestinian nationalism and the broad recognition by the early Zionists of the colonial nature of their project. These ideas and their echoes defend Nakba - the Palestinian term for the establishment of the state of Israel - the cession of the West Bank and Gaza to Jordan and Egypt, the Six Day War and the occupation.

2. Palestine: A Four Thousand Year History 

Starting with the earliest references in Egyptian and Assyrian texts, Nur Masalha explores how Palestine and its Palestinian identity have evolved over thousands of years, from the Bronze Age to the present day. Drawing on a rich body of sources and the latest archaeological evidence, Masalha shows how Palestine's multicultural past has been distorted and mythologised by Biblical lore and the Israel–Palestinian conflict.

3. We Could Have Been Friends, My Father and I

A subtle psychological portrait of the author's relationship with his father during the twentieth-century battle for Palestinian human rights.  This is not only the story of the battle against the various oppressors of the Palestinians, but a moving portrait of a particular father and son relationship.

4. Minor Detail 

From a young Palestinian writer comes this compelling look at the Israel/Palestine conflict, from both the perspective of an Israeli soldier in 1949 as well as that of a young Palestinian woman.

5. Enter Ghost

Timely, thoughtful, and passionate, Isabella Hammad's highly anticipated second novel is an exquisite story of the connection to be found in family and shared resistance.

5 Must-Read Books by Palestian Authors

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